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This is our version of a Hydra Facial which is a $250+ treatment that you can get at a spa or dermatologist office. We pulled out our products that contain the SAME ingredients and create the SAME results as you would experience during a Hydrafacial. We are NOT calling our service a "Hydrafacial", because that is a patented term, but a "Hydra Experience"



The Hydra Experience

New Consultant's who start their business in February will receive a full-sized Satin Lips Set with their Starter Kit!

Share this link with your Prospects to learn more about Satin Lips and why they are SO amazing!!

New Consultants who start before Feb 15th will also receive a full-sized Lip Gloss from Whitney!


New Consultant Bonus

Now when you earn a bonus from MK, the bonus will be direct deposited within 3 days of earning it!! You won't have to wait for your commission check to receive them! You will still receive your team commission from MK on the 15th of the month. 

INSTANT Bonuses!!!!

Mary Kay is coming to a city near you! Registration ENDS February 29th! 


Career Conference!

Each month we are going to have highlighted material for you to utilize for your business! There will be a featured Hostess Program that you can run and a featured Project {a booking tool you can use to schedule appointments}! You can share the Hostess Program with your clients and prospects to create urgency for why they want to partner with you this month! You of course can run any kind of Hostess Program and Contest you would like to at any point. The featured tools are just there to simplify things for you, so that you don't have to decide or figure out what you want to promote each month. 

Find the featured material on the Monthly Glam Plan page on the site. Make sure to sign in with your credentials. If you have never logged into the Girl Boss Website before, let your Director know and she can help you!

Monthly Glam Plan

Print off your Tracking & Scheduling Planner from each month! Use it to set and track your goals. Make sure to sign in with your credentials. If you have never logged into the Girl Boss Website before, let your Director know and she can help you!

Tracking & Scheduling Planner

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Check out all the new products we have recently launched! 


New Products!

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Find tons of printable tools for your business at

Sign in with your Login & Password. If you have never logged into Girl Boss Graphics before, reach out to Whitney and she will help you!

Girl Boss Graphics


We now have a Glam Fam Drop Box that has many of the files we use for our business. Fliers, images and tracking sheets can be found in this Tool Box. This is different than our Girl Boss Graphics Resources. You can access these resources with the link below.


Glam Fam Tool Box 

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