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march 2022 Hostess Special Flyer.jpg
March 2022 cal.jpg
  • In the Beautification Group

  • Color Matching & Skincare Matching

  • Promoting Monthly Specials & Hostess Promo

  • SheShow specials to take advantage of just during the SheShow

  • Our goal is to help you sell & team build

gFam Tue Training.jpg
Q3 2022 Attend 10.jpg
Tip Tuesday Schedule mar 2022.jpg
Beautification Episode Schedule mar 2022.jpg
  • Teaches you and your customers about our products and different ways to use them

  • 24 Hour Product Special

  • Highlighting products from the Special Deals for the month and any company promotions going on.

  • Highlight Monthly Hostess Promo

  • Promoting benefits of working with their Consultant

  • Promoting the next SheShow

  • Promoting the opportunity 

  • Live Giveaway at the end for Consultants & Guests

March Prize 2022.jpg
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