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SheShow Phase three Quick Links


Closing the SheShow

Your SheShow guests will purchase product from YOU, book & host their own SheShows with YOU and sign up with YOU. 

Monday Message {After the SheShow}

On the following Monday we will post the Giveaway Winners. 

You can message your guests Monday and say -

Hey Friend! The SheShow will be closing out today! Here is a picture of the specials that expire after today. During the Skin Scan Video that was on Wednesday, they went over how this Bundle Sheet works. If you missed the video you can find it under the Skin Wellness Wednesday Topic at the top of the group. When would be a good time for me to call you and answer your questions?

***Attach the image below

Monday Message

Make sure your Guests have filled out the Session Survey: 

Bundle Sheet

If you want to give specific people extra time, you can totally do that. YOU can decide when you want to close out your people. PRO TIP: Don't wait too long between the time they heard all the info and the time they make the decision... Otherwise the size of their order starts to decrease... Most people wait until last min to make a decision, so if you give them until the end of this week for example, you are decreasing the amount of their order drastically...

Use the button below as a guide to help you Close your Guests when you connect with them individually. The videos below will provide you with tutorials on how to place product orders. Closing people INDIVIDUALLY is so CRITICAL to your Results. 

how to place a product order on intouch

how to use customer delivery service

how to sign up a new team member

As your guests are placing orders, you can post "Thank You for your Order" images in the SheShow group and tag your guests. 

Say something like- 

"Thank you for your order Kelly! You are going to LOVE the Microderm System! Bye Bye Blackheads!! The Moisture Renewing Gel Mask will be a great pampering experience to do right after to soothe and soften your skin!"


This will help rally your other guests, and everyone else's guests to get their orders in. You can find the Thank You Images HERE

Thank You Images

NEW CONSULTANTS, your SheShow Group will transition into your Client Group once we close everything out.

Leadership Training Message 

Leadership Training Message

After your wrap up the Show, message each guest and say -

Hey {Name}! Thank you so much for attending the SheShow! My next step in my business is my Leadership Training. Could I borrow you to help with that? The training would take place on a quick zoom or call with my Director & I. It's super easy/ It takes less than 30 min  and you & I both will be entered to win $500 Cash each! Does this sound like something you could help me with?

**Attach Image


Then schedule the session on your Director's Calendar. Make sure to let her know that you scheduled something. 

If you have a hard time connecting with or hearing back from certain people, send the list of names to your Director and she can send out messages to help you set up the sessions. Sometimes when the message is coming from your Mentor, people tend to respond with more urgency. 

Next Steps

Next Steps

Layer each guest. If she didn't attend the Beautification or the Lipstick & Leadership LIVE, invite her on to the next one. 


"I know you didn't get a chance to participate in the ______ LIVE. We are doing another one on {Date} and I would love for you to get to experience it and to get your feedback. It would give you another chance to win free stuff! Does {Date} work for you?

Invite her to attend the next SheShow as a Socialite. 


We are doing another SheShow on {Date} if you want to join in the fun again and have a chance to win more free stuff. You can join by yourself, or you have the option to be one of our SheShow Socialites by having 5 friends join you for the SheShow. Our Socialites will be recognized during the Show and will also get a $25+ Free Product Credit. There will be additional rewards based on your guests participation, so you are welcome to invite more than 5 if you want! Can I send you more info on the Socialite rewards?  😁

If she wants to invite guests, say -

Great! Here are all of the Socialite details:

Schedule a follow up Session with her. If she didn't use a Facial Kit along with the Scan Social, schedule a time to meet with her in person or Zoom/FaceTime/Facebook Video Chat.. and walk her through the products as she tries them. If she did try the products during the SheShow, schedule a follow up session with her to try other Treatments she didn't get to try yet {Microderm/Peel/Satin Lips..}. The goal is to get in front of her again. Schedule this with her AFTER you have taken her order. You don't want her to wait to order until her next session with you. You want her to order NOW and order even more later at her next session. 

Add her into the Beautification.TV Group if she is not already in there. This group is used to help you to continue to layer and expose your clients to our products and company for you. They will continue to have weekly and monthly product giveaways they can participate in if they would like to. ​

During the Scan Social the guests had the opportunity to Nominate people to receive a Blessing Bag, for every 10 names and numbers they write down for you they get a gift. {You can decide what the gift is... a free eye color, $10 product credit, a deluxe mini product, samples..} These names will be your referrals.

You can find our Referral Scripts and how to put together the Blessing Bags with the button below.

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