Education + Resources

for your Business

There are many ways you can find education, ideas and tools for your business. Here is an overview of some of your Education Resources as well as where you can find different Tools and Material for your business. 
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The Beauty Experience

Here you will find many tips, tools & training videos for booking and holding your appointments. Whether you are holding a one on one appointment or a group gathering, these tools and videos will help you from start to finish!



Glam Fam Calendar

We now have a Glam Fam Calendar to help you stay connected to all of the virtual events you can plug into for your business! 



Leadership Training

Leadership Training is a 30 min session with Whitney and your prospect, where she will share a little about the company and answer their questions while you take notes. These sessions can be done in person over coffee or at the studio. They can also be done over a 3 way video chat.


A Prospect is a woman over the age of 18 who is willing to help you with your training.



Product Pro

Find all the newest product launches and shareable product resources on the Product Pro Page. 




Mary Kay provides us with a multitude of free apps to help you with your business! Some of these apps provide you with educational resources and some are tools you can use to grow your business. 



Head & Heart

Resources for your emotional wellbeing.



MK University

MaryKay InTouch provides you with free resources and videos to help you grow your business. Make sure to Login to InTouch before clicking Learn More below. You can also find it under the Education tab on InTouch.



Girl Boss Graphics

GBG provides all kinds of trackings, marketing material and resources to help you with your business. You will find tons of ideas and tools on the GBG website. Please reach out to Whitney for information on accessing the website and all of the material.  



The Tool Box

In our Glam Fam Drop Box, you will find some additional tools such as event flyers, tracking sheets and promotion images that you can use to build your business. The majority of these resources are things Whitney has collected from all over, so that you can have access to them in addition to all of the amazing tools that Girl Boss Graphics provides. 




What does it all mean!? Are you somewhat confused by all the MK lingo.. and some of the termanology.. Here you will find some How To Videos and Tutorials, as well as learn WHAT.. is.. WHAT!



Coffee & Convo

Tune into the James Area Facebook Group each month to watch a different James Director share some Training & Inspiration with you, every Wednesday at Noon CST. 



Tracking & Scheduling Planner

Print off your Tracking & Scheduling Planner from each month! Use it to set and track your goals. Make sure to sign in with your credentials. If you have never logged into the Girl Boss Website before, let your Director know and she can help you!


Million $ Msg

The Million Dollar Message is a Hotline # that you can call daily for a quick 10 min message of inspiration or training each day by a different Top Director. The recording on the Hotline is only available for that day and then it is recorded over the next day. To find archived recordings from past messages, click on the topics below. 
To call in daily, you can call the following #:
Ext: 44336#


Chelsea Claytor 4.jpg

The Glam Plan

Each month we are going to have highlighted material for you to utilize for your business! There will be a featured Hostess Program that you can run and a featured Project {a booking tool you can use to schedule appointments}! You can share the Hostess Program with your clients and prospects to create urgency for why they want to partner with you this month! You of course can run any kind of Hostess Program and Contest you would like to at any point. The featured tools are just there to simplify things for you, so that you don't have to decide or figure out what you want to promote each month. 

Find the featured material on the Monthly Glam Plan page on the site. Make sure to sign in with your credentials. If you have never logged into the Girl Boss Website before, let your Director know and she can help you!