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James Area Fall Advance 

This is our Fall Retreat for JUST our National Area so only the Consultants and the Directors in the James National Area attend. There will be lots of celebration, dancing, goofing off and acting silly! We also do a LOT of Recognition of everyone's achievements and we always have a different powerful and amazing speaker/teacher come every year, usually a visiting National or Top Director from another National Area. We receive the best leadership and business training at every event, retreat, conference or seminar we go to! You would have to pay thousands of dollars to receive this kind of education and inspiration if you were with another company! Take advantage of it! We only have to pay for travel/lodging and the registration fee to cover the cost to put it on and that cost covers most of your food too!  Never Never Never NEVER miss an event! Those who show up, will go up!

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Order your Shirt Today!

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Anyone can order the Black Advance shirt for $15.


ONLY Red Jackets will be able to WEAR their shirt on the Friday night of the Retreat, for recognition. {If you are not a Red Jacket, you can still order a shirt to have but not to wear that night..}

Friday Night Attire:

  • Directors will be in White Advance shirts and black pants. 

  • Red Jackets will be in Black shirts and black pants. 

  • Everyone else will be in all black. 

**If you are working towards your goal of Red Jacket, order your shirt now so you will have it. Orders must be in by Sept 20th at 12:00pm CST and will NOT be available to order after that.. 

Whitney will be paying for your shirt and you will pay her the $15 through Venmo. 


Please download the Free Venmo App to send Whitney your $15. You can scan the code with the app or type in her username to find her. This App is Free to download and to use. 

Retreat Details

Consultant Packet

Click HERE to find the Consultant Packet with all the Fall Advance details. 

Consultants arrive on Friday Oct. 25th at 6:30pm and leave Sunday Oct. 27th at noon.


Director Packet

Click HERE to find the Director Packet with all the Fall Advance details. 

Directors arrive on Thursday Oct. 24th at 6:00pm  and leave Sunday Oct. 27th at noon.


Retreat Recognition & Challenges

Earn Lunch with Stacy!

When you complete 30 Faces, 10 Marketing 

Plans and have $600 Wholesale in August 

AND in September you will be invited to an 

exclusive Luncheon with our National 

Stacy James at our James Area Fall Advance!

{You can also complete a total of 60 Faces, 20 Marketing Plans and $1200 Wholesale to achieve this if you got a late start}


Receive your Hall of Fame Pin!

Add 3 New Qualified Team Members 

to your team from Aug 1st - Oct 31st and you will receive our James Area Irresistible 

Pin and be featured on the James Area 

Website in the Hall of Fame FOREVER!! 

This is the ONLY chance for current 

Consultants to achieve this..  Earn it before our Fall Advance on Oct 25th and Stacy will present you with your Pin at the Retreat! NEW Consultants can achieve the Hall of

 Fame anytime when they add their first 3 

Qualified Team Members in their first 60 days of their business. 



Earn the Nationals!

When you are a Stellar Seller in August and in September by having $1,000 Wholesale in 

production for each month, you will earn 

special time in Stacy's Suite at the Hilton with she and the 2 guest Nationals at our James 

Area Fall Retreat! {You can also do $2,000 Wholesale in just one month to count if you are getting a late start}

Consultant 10 30 promotion Aug_Sept 2019

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