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Holiday Hangout

Here you will find some resources and tools for your business over the Holiday Season! Click on the buttons below to find all the resources. You can find most of the material to print on - Just login and go to the Seasonal Page under Business Tools. If you have never logged into Girl Boss Graphics before, reach out to Whitney or the Glam Fam Office and we will help you. 

Make sure to check back as we will continue to add more resources for you! 

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Delivery before Christmas reminder Poem

Twas the night before deadline to order Mary Kay, all the customers were stirring, they couldn't delay!

To order their lip gloss, mascara, and foundation they all called their consultants with urgent sensation!

"My cleanser is near empty and my eye cream so low, I have people to see and parties to go!

Dear Mary Kay lady please help me I plea! Shiny faces in pictures it just cannot be!"

Consultants dash to the scene but not in a sleigh, yet in a FREE CAR for which they do not pay.

"I am here with your order and gifts for your friends- for your daughter your mother, and your mailman's dry hands!

I'm so glad you reached me by the 11th of December, the deadline to order was today you remember?!

With fresh scent and great makeup you'll be the belle of the ball, now dash away dash away dash away all!"

The customer clung to her package with care as the Mary Kay lady drove through the air,

and she heard her exclaim as she drove out of sight,

"No wrinkles to any and to many good night!"

A little fun reminder to my customers to get your orders in to me by today if they need to be shipped and in by Christmas! Most products I have on hand, but just incase something needs to be ordered.

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