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Lipstick & Leadership

Invite your guest's to watch Mary Kay Millionaire Stacy James and a special Guest on Thursday nights at 7:30 CST LIVE.


Send them this link:

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The Consultant that has the MOST Guests on the Live, will Automatically get a Free Kate Spade Bag EACH Week!!! At the end of the Live, they will ask the Guest to text you if they are a 1, 2 or a 3-

1: Want to remain a Client for now

2: Interested but have questions

3: Wants to start their Business that night and take advantage of the Welcome Gift from Whitney

Towards the bottom of this page you will find Instructions on how to close them after the Live ends. After you close them, you will want to fill out the Submit Your Guests Form, before Midnight, to qualify to earn the Consultant Kate Spade Bag! ​

Scripts & Posting images

Hi! A couple of my mentors are doing a YouTube LIVE Thursday night and I am in a challenge to have the most Guests! All you would need to do is watch the Livestream. When you comment on the Livestream you will be entered in the Designer Jewelry Giveaway at the end. If I have the most Guests on, I automatically get a Kate Spade bag too! Would this be something you would consider helping me with?


Great! You just need to go here to join the event and then check back at 7:30 CST when they go LIVE to watch and comment.  Do you have any questions?


Hey! So for tonight when you comment, make sure you say your name and that I am your Consultant. The more you comment, the more chances you have to win! They will announce the winner at the end and you have to be watching to win. The speaker is going to ask you a question for you text me the answer at the end, so listen for that too ;)

Closing your Guests


Thanks so much for watching! What did you think?? 

*** If she is interested, offer her a Welcome Gift if she signs up that night. 

*** If you can get her signed up right them, DO IT. 

*** If she has more questions, you can answer them or text Whitney and get her on a 3 way call with her that night!

After you have talked to her, then you can say- 


*** If they are not signing up that night, and they weren't already watching to help with your Leadership Training, ask if they would be willing to do a Leadership Zoom with you & Whitney to be entered to win $500. You can say- 

I have a favor to ask, I am working on my Leadership Curriculum and I need people to think of questions about MK to ask my mentor on Zoom so I can take notes on how she would answer them for people. You would be entered to win $500 Cash for helping, and if you win, we BOTH get $500 each. What do you think?

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