Pamper Packs

What is a Pamper Pack & How to Use it

Pamper Packs can be called all different kinds of things - Bestie Bags, Blessing Bags, Detox & Destress Packs, Kiss Kits, Pucker Packs.... They are all mostly the same things, but can be customized to fit the name of the pack, the person receiving it or the event/type of session.. Below you will find a list of the basic things to put in your packs. 
The purpose of a Pack is to provide the person/people you will be meeting with virtually, with the products so they have them in front of them to try while they are being walked through what they are and how to use them. You can be meeting them on Zoom or they could be watching our Tuesday Night Scan Social. 

Pack Contents

A basic pack will include the following Samples. You can use the company's pre-made samples by ordering them on InTouch, where you place your products Orders. You can also make your own samples. If you are using flat samples, you can put the contents into a regular envelope with a 75 cent stamp. 

  • Miracle Set Samples:

  • Cleanser

  • Day Cream

  • Night Cream

  • Eye Cream


  • Charcoal Mask

You can also choose to include some literature: {Click on them to Open the File}

Miracle Set Flyer - You can wrap up the Miracle Samples inside of this tri-folded flyer 
Charcoal Mask Card - You can attach the sample with some washi tape if you want to 
Instruction Card for a Live-Streamed/Recorded Video Session, like our Wednesday Night Scan Social during our SheShows
Instruction Card if you are meeting with them on Zoom {It includes Zoom Instructions}