Set a goal for which promotions you will go after for the month. Write them down and track them! Keep them in front of you at all times.


Make sure to fill out your Recognition Report by the 5th of each month for what you accomplished the month before. 

Prizes & Promotions

In February we are working on our Kiss Away Domestic Violence project! Use this as a tool to book your appointments in February! Have your friends, family and customers participate by purchasing a bundle of Satin Lips and a lip product (lipstick or lipgloss) and then donate 1 lipstick or lipgloss to a domestic violence Shelter near you. When you sell 30 Bundles you will earn this month's Glamourize PRIZE from Whitney! {see the Glamorize Prize below}

Find all of the material on the Kiss Away Domestic Violence Page on the site. Go to Dashboard > Marketing > Kiss Away Domestic Violence.

Make sure to sign in with your credentials. If you have never logged into the Girl Boss Website before, let your Director know and she can help you!

Kiss Away Domestic Violence

Consistency in your business will provide the results you are looking for! Take our Consistency Challenge to earn this Quarter's Prize! ​This challenge runs January 20th - March 31st. Attend your weekly Learn & Earn Meeting each week {no more than 2 missed meetings} and you will receive the Leopard Print Bag! The purpose is to create a consistent habit in your business of never missing a meeting because your meeting is where the magic happens! 



Consistency Challenge

Every Month when you have $600+ Wholesale in production, you will receive a Designer piece of BEE Jewelry to add to your  Collection!


You Can Do It Challenge

When you achieve the Bee Consistency Bracelet, and you have at least 1 New Qualified Team Member Dec 1 - Feb 29th you will earn an invitation to a special Luncheon at Career Conference!


Consistency Bracelet & Luncheon

When you have $1,000 Wholesale in each month for January, February & March you will receive an inspirational bracelet from Stacy with a personalized note! The bracelet will be an “entrance invitation” to  exclusive time in her presidential suite at Seminar in July! Click on the Learn More to find all the details and tracking. You will also earn the Glamourize Prize from Whitney each month you complete this challenge!


Stacy's Stellar Seller Challenge

Earn prizes every quarter from the company! Every dollar you order is a point + 600 points for each qualified new team member! 


Star Consultant Program

Earn this set of 101 Blessing Cards from Whitney this month! You can use them for yourself or hand them out in goodie bags .. 


Earn this month's Prize when you complete at least ONE of the following... 

  • 30 Faces for the Month

  • 15 Leadership Trainings with Whitney

  • $1,000 Wholesale Production for the Month

  • Sold 30 Kiss Away Domestic Violence Bundles


Receive a Drawing Entry for EVERY Leadership Training Session held with your Director. Each Quarter we will Draw for a Prize from Whitney and this Quarter's Prize is this sassy Snake Print Backpack!

Whitney will also Draw from all the Prospects who were part of the Training Sessions to win some Free Product!



Leadership Training Drawing

Each person who helps you with your Leadership Training will be entered to win Free Product from Whitney. We will do a Drawing in the #GlamLife group each Quarter. Your Prospects must fill out the Feedback Form and must be in the #GlamLife Facebook Group where the winners will be announced. 


Prospect- Free Product Drawing

When you help one of your personal Team Members earn her Red Jacket YOU will receive a $100 Bonus! 

You can earn a $100 Bonus for EVERY Red Jacket 

you build on your personal Team before the promotion ends on June 30th!

Building Red Bonus

EVERYONE can make a decision to earn 

Diamonds in their business! It doesn't matter 

if you are brand new or have been in MK all 

your life... YOU have the same opportunity 

and ability to achieve any prizes you choose to in this  company! Our business structure is 

set up for Consultants to start seeing results and  rewards IMMEDIATELY. 


Court of Sales & Sharing  

New Consultants can earn boat loads of free product, bonuses and prizes during their Great Start period. {The month they signed up + the following 3 months}


Great Start Program

New Consultants who are in their Great Start Period 

can give  their first 3 Team Members a voucher to sign up for $75 instead of $100! If you are not a New Consultant- this is also a great incentive for

YOUR New Team  Members who join your Team 

this month! This will also help you earn the Building Red Bonus!!


Bring your Besties  

New Consultants who add  3 New Qualified Team Members to their team within the first 60 Days of their Business will receive our James Area Irresistible Pin and be cemented in the James Area  Hall of Fame FOREVER!! This is the ONLY chance to achieve this.. 


New Consultant - Hall of Fame