Make sure to fill out your Recognition Report by the 5th of each month for what you accomplished the month before. 

December 9th - 20th


Keep an eye out in our Glam Fam Facebook Group for our 12 Days of Christmas Challenge! Each day we will post a challenge- if you complete the challenge you will comment on the post and receive an entry into the drawing for a Christmas gift from Whitney!!! Each day you have $100 or more in sales, you can also comment to receive an additional drawing entry! 

Text the word CHRISTMAS to 402.205.8777 if you would like a text with the challenge sent to you each day. 

12 Days of Christmas Challenge

Add 3 New Qualified Team Members to your team from Aug 1st - Dec 31st and you will receive our James Area Irresistible Pin and be featured on the James Area Website in the Hall of Fame FOREVER!! This is the ONLY chance for current consultants to achieve this.. 

NEW Consultants can achieve the Hall of Fame anytime when they add their first 3 Qualified Team Members in their first 60 days of their business. 


LAST Month for the Hall of Fame!  

All Achievers will be invited on a special zoom TRAINING with Stacy where she will also draw for one achiever to win her to come to their city and hold a guest event in their honor!


Stacy's Portfolio Challenge


When you have $1,000 Wholesale in each month for November and December you will receive an inspirational bracelet from Stacy with a personalized note! The bracelet will be an “entrance invitation” to an exclusive event with her at Seminar in July! Click on the Learn More to find all the details and tracking.


Stacy's Stellar Seller Challenge

Earn a prize from Whitney each month when you complete at least ONE of the following... 

  • 30 Faces for the Month

  • 15 Leadership Trainings with Whitney

  • $1,000 Wholesale Production for the Month



December - February when you earn your DESIGNER piece of Bee Jewelry each month to add to your collection, by having at least $600 wholesale production in for the month. You will be on track to earn the Consistency Jewelry!  


Consistency Bracelet

PNG image 3.png

Leadership Training is a 30 min session with Whitney and your prospect, where she will share a little about the company and answer their questions while you take notes. These sessions can be done in person over coffee or at the studio. They can also be done over a 3 way video chat.


A Prospect is a woman over the age of 18

who is willing to help you with your training.


Leadership Training Drawing

Earn prizes every quarter from the company! Every dollar you order is a point + 600 points for each qualified new team member! 


Star Consultant Program

Every Month when you have $600+ Wholesale in production, you will receive a Designer piece of BEE Jewelry to add to your  Collection!


You Can Do It Challenge

Aug 1 - Dec 31, when you help one of your 

personal Team Members earn her Red Jacket YOU will receive a $100 Bonus and so will 

she!! You can earn an additional $100 Bonus 

for EVERY Red Jacket you build on your 

personal Team from Aug 1st until Dec 31st!

Building Red Bonus

When you are a Star each quarter {that you

 have been a Consultant} of our MK Seminar 

Year, you will be able to use a sum of all your 

Star points for the entire year towards these Designer  Bags! This is in addition to the prizes you select each quarters! You must be a Star every Quarter during the Seminar Year to achieve this. 


Be an ALL Star 

New Consultants March 1st-Dec 31st 

can sign their first 3 Team Members up for

 $75 instead of $100! This is also a great 

incentive for NEW Team Members who join 

your Team this month! 


Bring your Besties  

EVERYONE can make a decision to earn 

Diamonds in their business! It doesn't matter 

if you are brand new or have been in MK all 

your life... YOU have the same opportunity 

and ability to achieve any prizes you choose to in this  company! Our business structure is 

set up for Consultants to start seeing results and  rewards IMMEDIATELY. 


Court of Sales & Sharing  

New Consultants can earn boat loads of free product, bonuses and prizes during their Great Start period. {The month they signed up + the following 3 months}


Great Start Program

When you promote yourself to the Red Jacket position {Star Team Builder}, you get an EXTRA $100 Bonus from the company!! When you have 3 Active Team Members on your team, MK will add an extra $100 to your commission check! The number of Red Jacket achievers was up 319% over last year! This is the FIFTH consecutive month of TRIPLE-digit increases!

Red Jacket Bonus