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There is a lot of information out there and a lot of communication to keep track of. Here you will find all of the current important information. We have put all of the Announcements, Prizes & Promotions from... 

  • The Company

  • Our Glam Fam

  • Our National Area

all into ONE place for you! Check back often to catch any updates. Use this as your home base to always be in the loop!


See our Calendar page to find all the events you can take advantage of.


Scroll through the page to see the Current Announcements, Prizes & Promotions. 

Resources & Events

Kiss Away

Domestic Violence

For those who have been in our Glam Fam for a bit, you know that we like to do a Kiss Away Domestic Violence Project in February. 

There are 4 ways that you can have your friends, family and clients participate. This year we are doing Kiss Kits as part of the project! 

CHALLENGE: We are doing a Glam Fam Challenge that when you complete 30 either Lip Bundles or Kiss Kits, or combination of the two- you will get the adorable Lip Print Tshirt!


Feel The Power

Don’t forget to register for Feel The Power!!!! It is normally held in person for the Go Give Area & we don’t normally get to go. We only get to experience it this year bc it is virtual & our National is one of the speakers. Space is LIMITED!!  They can only fit so many on the platform. It is so WORTH the investment!!! Your registration will be donated & is a tax write off. Do NOT miss this event. Register & find the details here


Tuesday Connect Meeting

Join us on Tuesday Nights from 6:00 - 7:00pm CST on Zoom for Announcements, Recognition & Training. 

Each Tuesday we will do a Drawing for a Free $20 Target Gift Card out of everyone who is in attendance. 


Skin Scan Social

We are adding in an additional event that you can book guests for. Lindsey & I will be holding Skin Scan Socials on Tuesday nights at 7:15 CT directly following the Consultant Training Meeting that takes place at 6:00 CT. Guests will do their Skin Analysis Scan and then will jump on the Zoom with us to learn how to understand their results and the recommendations the Scan gives them. 

Beautification Group

Add your Clients and Prospects to our Beautification.TV Facebook Group! Here they will find resources to learn more about the company, the product and the opportunity. This is a great layering tool to keep your business in front of them and to keep re-exposing them to what you have to offer. Someone from the Connect Team goes LIVE every Wednesday night from 8:00 - 8:30pm CST and with a beauty tutorial or class of some kind. At the end of the episode we will do a Free Giveaway out of everyone who is watching LIVE. 

You can find the Invite Images on the PINNED Announcement at the top of the Beautification.TV Facebook group. 


We also do monthly Free Giveaways out of everyone who has commented and interacted with the posts throughout the month.   




Saturday Surge

Join us in the James Area Rockstars Facebook Group on Saturday mornings to learn from our National Stacy James and different speakers and trainers in our National Family. We will go LIVE in the group from 10:00 - 11:00am CST

Red Jacket

Coffee Club

One Super Surge of month we have a Red Jacket Club, where the Red Jackets get to be on the Zoom instead of the Directors! Red Jackets who join us on the Zoom will get a Red Coffee Cup from Whitney to drink out of while we are together! The Zoom will stream LIVE in the James Area Rockstars Facebook Group  from 10:00 - 11:00 am CST for the rest of the James Area to watch, and then from 11:00 - 11:30 the Reds will have exclusive time with the Guest Speaker who trained. 

Script Page

We now have a Script Page where you can find training on the Psychology of Booking and different kinds of Scripts for your Business! We will continue to add more so keep checking back. You can find access to this page through the Beehive Page. 

Glam Fam Reminders

Use our Social Media to keep reminders and announcements in front of you! Search the Topics in our Glam Fam Facebook Group and keep an eye on our Stories on our Facebook Page & Instagram. We will also post additional Recognition that way. 


Prizes & Promotions

Set a goal for which promotions you will go after for the month. Write them down and track them! Keep them in front of you at all times.


Make sure to fill out your Recognition Report by the 5th of each month for what you accomplished the month before. 

You got a Raise!

Consultants now make a 2nd Tier Commission on their Personal Team Member's Team Production! Login to Intouch to learn more!

Leadership & Lattes

We are kicking off a Leadership & Lattes promotion and in January each of your prospects who book a Leadership Session with you and Whitney will receive a Free Starbucks Gift Card on Whitney! YOU will also receive an entry for each session you do with her and go in a drawing for a Designer Bag! 

Weekly Target Gift Card

We will Draw for a $20 Target Gift Card EVERY Tuesday night on our Connect Zoom Meeting! Everyone who is on the Zoom LIVE with us will be entered in the Drawing for that night. You can earn additional entries for the following:


  • Being in front of 3+ New Faces that week.

  • Sharing the opportunity with 3+ women {18 or older} that week.

  • Having $300+ in sales that week.

  • If you are the Queen in any of those 3 areas, you will receive an extra entry.



Spark Challenge

Every Month when you have a minimum of $600 Wholesale in production, you will receive a Designer piece of Jewelry to add to your  Collection!

Consistency Challenge

When you achieve the Spark Consistency Challenge, you will earn this Designer Jewelry!

Stellar Seller Challenge

Achieve Stellar Seller by having a minimum of $1,000 Wholesale in for the month, and earn these designer Nicole Miller earrings!!

Stellar Seller Consistency

Achieve Stellar Seller by having a minimum of $1,000 Wholesale in for the month, in January AND in February and you will not only receive the Prize for that month but you will ALSO earn the Rockstar Pin from Stacy!! 

2 Red Jacket Bonus

1. When you become a Red Jacket, you will receive a $100 Bonus!


2. Earn a $100 Bonus for EACH Red Jacket you have on your Team.



Earn Amazon Gift Cards

Would you like to earn Amazon Gift Cards just for working your business??

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Make more $? Achieve bigger goals? Take full advantage of all the perks this opportunity provides? Then Booking Babes is for YOU my friend!


Two major keys to success in any business are Consistency & Accountability, and this exclusive group provides you with BOTH! In this group you will also experience daily support and encouragement, as well as make new friends and learn tips and ideas from one another!


Let your Director know if you would like to join the group!

Star Consultant Program

Earn prizes every quarter from the company! Every dollar you order is a point + 600 points for each qualified new team member! 



Court of Sales & Sharing  

EVERYONE can make a decision to earn 

Diamonds in their business! It doesn't matter 

if you are brand new or have been in MK all 

your life... YOU have the same opportunity 

and ability to achieve any prizes you choose to in this  company! Our business structure is 

set up for Consultants to start seeing results and  rewards IMMEDIATELY. 



New Consultant  Promotions

Great Start Program

New Consultants can earn boat loads of free product, bonuses and prizes during their Great Start period. {The month they signed up + the following 3 months}



Bring your Besties  

New Consultants who are in their Great Start Period 

can give their first 3 Team Members a voucher to sign up for $75 instead of $100! If you are not a New Consultant- this is also a great incentive for

YOUR New Team  Members who join your Team 

this month! This will also help you earn the Building Red Bonus!!

New Consultant -

Hall of Fame 

New Consultants who add  3 New Qualified Team Members to their team within the first 60 Days of their Business will receive our James Area Irresistible Pin and be cemented in the James Area  Hall of Fame FOREVER!! This is the ONLY chance to achieve this..