Saturday Surge

Join us on Saturdays LIVE in the James Area Rockstar Facebook Group! You will see all of James Area Directors each Saturday for Training! The Directors will be on LIVE through Zoom and we will LIVE Stream in the Facebook Group for all the Consultants to watch and comment along with us! We are getting all dressed up and ready just for YOU because we want you to know that we are here for you and we care about you! Each Saturday you will learn from Stacy and other Speakers! Schedule this training in each week and set a reminder in your phone so that you don't miss it! Now more than ever we need to stay connected and learn from one another! 


Saturday May 8th:

Red Jacket Coffee! 💃☕️The Red Jacket Consultants {those who have 3 or more Team Members} get to be on the Zoom that streams LIVE into the James Area FB Group! They get to drink from their special Coffee Cup and also get special time with the speaker after the Live Stream Ends! Red Jackets please wear your Red Jacket or something Red. Everyone else can watch the Live-Stream in the FB Group.

Saturday May 15th:

NO Training! The Directors will be at Stacy's House for Inner Circle Weekend. 

Saturday May 22nd:

Our MK President Nathan Moore will be on the Zoom!!! ➕ Guess What!? All Consultants who have already achieved Boss Babe Status and earned their Spark Jewelry for the month by having $600+ Wholesale in for the month... get to be on the zoom too!!!! 🥳

Saturday May 29th: 

Speaker TBA

Weekly Recognition Report

Fill out our Weekly Recognition Report each week by Monday to count for the Attend 10 Challenge, your Monthly Prizes and receive Recognition in our Glam Fam Facebook Group when I go LIVE on Tuesday. You have through Monday to watch the Replay of the Surge if you missed it LIVE. However it is way easier just to watch it LIVE if you can instead of finding a time watch it later. If you are watching the Replay make sure to find the video from Saturday morning, because other things may have been posted after the Live ended. 


*** New Consultants who start later in the Quarter can STILL earn the Prize if they watch the Training each week!


Red Jacket

Coffee Club

The 2nd Saturday of month we have a Red Jacket Club, where the Red Jackets get to be on the Zoom instead of the Directors! Red Jackets who join us on the Zoom will get a Red Coffee Cup from Whitney to drink out of while we are together! The Zoom will stream LIVE in the James Area Rockstars Facebook Group  from 10:00 - 11:00 am CST for the rest of the James Area to watch, and then from 11:00 - 11:30 the Reds will have exclusive time with the Guest Speaker who trained.