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Psychology of Booking

There are multiple approaches you can take when you are Booking someone, but the one thing they all have in common is that they are removing the feeling of "expectation" from the person you are booking. Most of the time if someone is not booking with you, they either...

  • Don't understand what you are asking them to do.


  • They are concerned that they will be put in a position to do something they don't want to do. 

People will purchase something or sign up to be a part of something or attend something, when they see VALUE in it. So until they are in front of you at the session, and they are able to see the Value of the product and opportunity - 

You want to REMOVE any expectation that they will need to invest ANYTHING but their time with you. 

You will do this by giving them a REASON you are asking, AND providing VALUE to your request. Basically, telling them what is in it for YOU AND what is in it for THEM. Use at least one approach from each category below, in your Script. 

What's in it for YOU approaches:

  • Helping you with your Training/Curriculum/Certification 

  • Helping you CREATE a Curriculum or something to Train your Team/Unit Members

  • Helping you complete a Portfolio/Project/Goal

  • Helping you create awareness for a Cause 

  • Helping you win a Contest 

What is in it for THEM approaches:

  • Free Product/Gift Card/Gift Incentive

  • Getting a Free Skin Analysis Scan and keeping their results

  • Taking advantage of your Skin Care & Glamour Consultation Services

  • Getting to experience Professional Spa Treatments for Free

  • Winning a Makeover Contest or being entered in a Giveaway

Booking Tips

People don't care what you know until they know that you care. Don't just jump into business, unless you are booking someone you talk to all the time.


Start out talking about them if it is someone you know-

  • " I saw that Jonathan started soccer, that's so fun! Is he enjoying it? "

  • " I love the family photos you just posted!! Who is your photographer?? "

  • " Katie is getting sooooo big! How old is she now? "

You can also say- 

  • " I have been thinking about you "

  • " You have been on my heart "

Then say something like- "I have a favor to ask of you..." and go into your script.

If it is someone you haven't talked to in years and years and years... you could say something like-

  • " I know we haven't seen each other in a while "

  • " It has been a minute since we have talked! "

  • " I have a favor to ask and I thought this could be a great reason to reconnect "

Give people options for booking times, the easier you are to book the easier they think it will be to reschedule. 

Always have a sense of urgency, you can say things like-

  • " I have a couple openings this week I need to fill " 

Keep your messages as short as you can. When we receive lengthy messages from people it can appear spammy.. 

Booking People you Know

Skin Scan Session

Skin Scan

You can choose whether you want to book the Session with or without demoing the product. If you choose NOT to demo the product, just remove the parts in the Script that address experiencing the product.  If you are demoing product and meeting virtually, you can give her a Pamper Pack to use at home during the Session. 

" Hey {Name!} I am doing some training for my beauty business and getting my Skin Scan Certification. I need to do a 3D Skin Analysis Face Scan with 30 different women to learn how to walk them through their scan results. We can do it virtually or in person. It’s free & you get to keep your Scan results. 😁  Would it be ok if I shared some more info about the Scan with you? "




" Hey {Name!} I am working on a Skin Analysis Portfolio. I need to do a 3D Skin Analysis Face Scan with 30 different women to compile a variety of results. I am using them for the curriculum I train my organization with. We can do it virtually or in person. It’s free & you get to keep your Scan results. 😁  Would it be ok if I shared some more info about the Scan with you? "

 Explaining the Scan: 

 " Awesome! The Scan is a breakthrough technology from France that shows you your skin’s complexion, texture, elasticity & under eye response. It teaches you about your skin and makes recommendations. It uses over 80,000 facial profiles to recognize microscopic changes in your skin - SUPER COOL! 🙌  You get to see what is BENEATH the surface of your skin. Would you be up for letting me borrow you for this? "

 Turn it into a Social: 

" Great! When we get together you will also have the opportunity to experience some free skin care treatments that will help detox and destress your skin. You can share your Session with up to 5 women, can you think of anyone who would enjoy this too? "

“ Sounds good, just shoot me their names and # and I will get them registered for their free Scan & Treatments as well. "


" Sounds good, if you end up thinking of anyone just let me know and we can get them registered for their free Scan & Treatments too. "

 Set a Time: 

"We hold a Scan Social on Tuesday nights at 8:30 CT. Does that work for you? "

" Would you like to meet in Person or virtually? "

*** You can still meet in Person and watch the Tuesday Night Skin Scan Social together if you want.


" What is your schedule like and I can see what openings I have, do you prefer Daytime, Evenings or Weekends? Daytime.  "

" I have ____ and ____ available, do either of those work for you? "

 Get her Registered: 

" Perfect! Go ahead and Register here so I can send you the details "

***attach your registration link*** 

 After she Registers: 

** If she is booked for Tuesday Night the Scan Social will be LIVE-Stream, if she is just booking with you, you can do it through Zoom. 

" I received your Registration and have you set up for {Date} & {Time}. Do you have a computer or tablet you can use to join the Zoom/watch the Live-Stream, so that you can use your phone for your Scan? "

“ Great! I will send you the Zoom/YouTube link and everything on {Day of}. We will be doing some Free Giveaways during the Session. If you would like some Bonus Entries, you can get an additional 5 entries for each video you watch before the event. You can find the videos here:  

{You can also give them some suggestions on which videos you think would be the best fit for them to watch based on their interests/season of life..}

 Day Of: 

  • Email/Message each guest the Zoom/YouTube Link


" Hey there! Here is the Free App you will want to download for your Scan tonight. Lmk once you have it downloaded.”

*** Include picture of the App

“ Perfect. We will walk you through how to do the Scan on the Zoom/Live-Stream. Remember to use your computer/tablet to join the Zoom/watch the Live-Stream so your phone can be accessible for the Scan.  Grab some paper and a pen to have handy as well. Here is the link.......... We will do a Giveaway at the end, so make sure to comment and interact in the chat to get entries."

*** Attach Link {Find it on the Links page}

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