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Welcome to the SheShow Home Page! The SheShow Instructions and Trainings are broken into 3 different bite sized Phases for you!

Training 1: SheShow Prep

Training 2: During the SheShow

Training 3: Closing the SheShow

Helping you navigate every step of the process, while also teaching you how to Book, Coach, Close, Layer & Team Build! Each phase has a video to go with it. Watch the videos BEFORE the SheShow so you know what is coming, and then you can watch them again as many times as you need. You will use the typed out instructions to help you every step of the away and allow you to copy & paste the Scripts/Messages. Below you will find the Upcoming Group SheShows and the links to the Trainings. 

NEW CONSULTANTS: Anything that is specific to your Personal Kickoff SheShow will be highlighted  in Pink just like this. 

Group SheShow Registration Link:

Socialite Instruction Link: 

SheShow Training & Instructions

video 1; Sheshow prep

video 2; during the sheshow 

{The Skin Scan Social is posted on Wednesday Night. I accidentally say "Tuesday" a few times}

video 3; closing the sheshow

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