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Set a Production goal for this month and use the prizes below to help you! There are so many rewards for working your business! See all the ways below that you can stack your prizes! 

Stack your Prizes

Girl Boss Prize  $300 Wholesale


Each month when you have a minimum of $300 Wholesale Production in for the month, you will receive the Girl Boss Prize! This month is this beautiful Fashion Ring!!

Boss Babe Jewelry  $600 Wholesale


Each Month Mary Kay gifts us with a piece of DESIGNER Jewelry just for working our business! You're already making $ and creating your dream life Like-a-Boss... but they like to add even more sprinkles to your ice cream Sunday! 

Each month when you have a cumulative $600+ Wholesale in production, you will not only receive your Girl Boss Prize, but you will also get a different piece of this year's collection. All the pieces can be worn together so you can collect them all! 


Our Jewelry is designed by R.J. Graziano! R.J. has designed pieces for many celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Oprah, just to name a few. You can find his designs in stores like Nordstroms, Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. Many of his designs have been featured in Vogue, InStyle, ELLE Magazine and many more fashion Magazines. 

Boss Babe Consistency Jewelry

Earn your Spark Jewelry each month during the Consistency Challenge and receive your Consistency Jewelry! 


Earn your Designer Jewelry each month July - Dec and receive these Pink Crystal Designer Drop Earrings!

Earn your Designer Jewelry each month Jan - June and receive this Pink Crystal Designer Drop Bracelet!


Earn your Designer Jewelry EVERY month of this Seminar Year July - June and receive this Pink Crystal Designer Drop Necklace on TOP of your Month Jewelry and the additional 2 Consistency Pieces. That is 15 Pieces of Designer Jewelry!!!!

Click on the Tracking Sheets above to track your Monthly & Consistency PINK Goals.

Stellar Seller Prize!  $1,000 Wholesale

Each month when you have a minimum of $1,000 Wholesale Production in for the month, you are a Stellar Seller and you will receive the Prize for that month on TOP of your Girl Boss & Boss Babe Prizes!! This month's Prize is the matching Fashion Necklace to the Girl Boss Fashion Earrings!


Million Dollar Mama!

Complete a minimum of ONE of the following

this month to receive this Fashion Bracelet!


  • Add 3 New Team Members

  • 10 Leadership Training

Sessions w/your Director

  • A Product Experience

with 30 people

{In person, virtual or SheShow}

  • $2,000 Wholesale

in Production


Star Prizes! 

When you at minimum earn your Boss Babe Designer Jewelry each month, you will also be a Star every Quarter! Go to the Star Program Page to see all the Star Prizes for this Quarter! 

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