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Star Program

Hey Glam Fam! The deadline for the 4th Quarter of our Seminar year is Midnight CST June 15th.

Ted Baker London Collection

If you were a Star the last 3 Quarters or you are a New Consultant this Quarter, it is really IMPORTANT to be a Star so you can stay on track to be an ALL Star and receive a Designer Bag at the end of the year!!!

It doesn't matter if you have $0 in right now towards Star, You can absolutely achieve this goal!

Listen to Erica in the video below as she shares some ideas to help you finish your Star goal! You can also apply these same ideas to other goals you might have.


Star Prizes


About the Program

The video and Tracking Sheet below will help you understand the Star Consultant Program and tracking your progress!

The Star Program is a point system. Every wholesale dollar you order is a point. When you restock your beauty boutique with $1,800+ wholesale in a Quarter, you will be a Star Consultant! TIP: Selling $300 a week keeps you on track to be a Star.

Once you are a Star - every new Qualified Team Member that joins your team that Quarter is 600 points. You can move up the Star Levels by showing the product and sharing the opportunity.


Click on the 3 images above to download and print the documents. Use the image on the left to track your Quarterly Star Goals. Use the middle Tracking Sheet to track your Monthly Activity, and then you can use the Star IPA {Income Producing Activities} Tracking Sheet on the right to track your IPAs and help you achieve your Star Goals!! Cut out the images of the prizes you are working to achieve from the Prize Flyer and paste them on your Tracking Sheet, keeping them in front of you consistently!

"A Tracked number GROWS!"

Did You Know...

  • Stars get to order early (on the 10th) when the quarterly products launch

  • Stars who add a new qualified team member get bumped up to the next Star Level 

  • Stars get to choose from amazing prizes 

  • Stars are found on the top tier of the search by potential customers and team members on

  • Be an ALL-STAR for even more fabulous prizes!!!

This is an important Quarter to be a Star because it will put you on track to be an All Star this year and receive a Designer Bag at the end of the year!!!

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Sales Tools

Click the image below to get some ideas for quick sales!

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