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Get Connected

Click on the categories below that you would like to learn more about connecting with. 

Get Connected
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Whit.Wemhoff on Instagram

Connect with your Glam Fam

Glam Fam on Facebook 

Facebook Groups are a great way to stay connected to our Glam Fam & MK community. See the 3 main groups below that we recommend you join for our Glam Fam. You may also be asked to join your local Learn & Earn group. Feel free to join Whitney and/or your Director's business group/page for inspiration.


Here you can connect with all our Glam Fam Sistas, share ideas & receive recognition. Important announcements and reminders will be posted in here.


This group was created for you to add your customers and potential team members to. This group contains information in the files & photo albums for your prospects to learn more about our products and company. Occasionally we do LIVE videos to provide more info and answer questions. You are still welcome to have your own private customer group, but think of this as one big VIP group where everything is done for you, so you don't have to create one on your own if you don't want to. 


Here you will find updates, important reminders and announcements as well as resources. You can also message our Glam Fam Office here.

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Follow your

Glam Fam

on Instagram!

Connect with your National Area

Connect with our James National Area

Our National is Stacy James {Whitney's Mom} so we are in the James National Area. Below you will find ways to stay connected to our entire National Family made up of all the James Area Directors & Consultants. 


James Area on Facebook

Receive Area Recognition as well as watch LIVE trainings from all of our Area Directors in the James Area Rockstars group!

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Stacy's Website

This website will have some resources and will also be where you will register for some events.


  Coffee & Conversation

In the James Area Rockstars group you will also be able to watch a weekly training by one of our James Area Directors every Wednesday at 12:00pm CST. You can watch the training LIVE or watch the recording.

Connect with Mary Kay

Connect with MK

Mary Kay has multiple resources on social media for our benefit. They put a lot of time and money into making us look goooood. We recommend following all their platforms so you can use their posts, material, images and creative words. 

Facebook Page

Facebook Group




Apps for your Business

Download these free apps to support your business! You will find apps for everything from appointment tools to education.

Great Start

This app is for New Consultants to track all of their Great Start bonuses and perks. It also provides education for all Consultants to have at their fingertips! 


MK eCatalog

Access all of Mary Kay's Catalogs from your fingertips! Share them with your customers and use them to reference  product info and prices. Your customers can download this app too!



Use this app at your appointments as a special perk for your clients & hostesses! You can scan their skin with your phone and the app will generate a report for you and your customer. The report will show them what is happening under their skin, so they can see the damage that has not yet surfaced. It will also show both of you which products they recommend based on their specific report.



Use this app to track your Inventory, place orders and keep track of your Inventory. It has a scanner to scan your boxes of product as they come in and it will automatically add in all the product to your Inventory count for you! There are so many things you can do with this app to keep your business organized! 


Digital Showcase

This app contains a digital version of your Flip Chart as well as slides you can use during your appointments. 



Use this app yourself and with your clients at their glamour appointment. They can virtually try on any Mary Kay color or shade to see what it would look like on them!


How To....

How To

Are you trying to navigate the ins and outs of your New Business? Trying to remember how to find what you are looking for or how to set up aspects of your new business? Check out some of the tutorials below. If you can't find what you are looking for, contact your Director or our Glam Fam Office and we will do our best to point you in the right direction! 

Introduction to InTouch
How to process an order on your website
Sending and order with Customer Delivery Service
Setting up your MK Website
What's What

What's What...

There is an entirely new lingo that you learn once you join our MK Family. Use this guide to help you navigate all the termanology. Check back as we will continue to add to the list when we think of things. 


A Team consists of the Consultants you have personally sponsored/recruited.


A Unit consists of the Consultants you have personally brought into the company and the Consultants on their Teams.  You develop a Unit when you become a Director.

National Area

An Area consists of all the Consultants, Offspring Directors and their Units. You develop an Area when you become a National.


This website is provided for you for free  by Mary Kay to be your virtual office. 

Preferred Customer Program 

PCP is a service you can use to send the new Look Book {Catalog} to your customers, friends and family each quarter for way cheaper than if you were to mail it yourself. The company will send it out for you and even include a sample for you! Enroll the people you want to send it to as early as you can. Sometimes the free sample can run out if you wait until the deadline. 


Personal Website

This is the website that you can set up for your customers to shop on. The company designs and updates all the content on your website for you and then you can add your own contact info and customize the options. You can set up and edit your website info in the Personal Website Manager on InTouch under Business Tools. Make sure you are logged into InTouch on your device and then click HERE to go straight to the manager. You can also click HERE for a tutorial on setting up your website.

Customer Delivery Service

This is a service you can use to have the company send products straight to your customers for you if they are not local or you cannot get it to them out of your inventory. You must be in Active Status to use this service and your Personal Website must be linked to your Propay Account. You can decide if you would like to charge your customer shipping or take it out of your profit. 

EZ Ship

This is a setting you can turn on in your Personal Website Manager that allows people to place orders on your website and the company will ship the order directly to your customer without you needing to do a thing. You can turn this feature on and off whenever you choose. You might want it off when you are home and would like to deliver products out of your inventory- and then you might want it on if you will be out of town and would like your customers to get their orders quicker than waiting for you to return.. 

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