Glam Fam Trainings


Below you will find the Monthly Live Trainings that we have in place. You can watch them LIVE or you can watch them on demand, by clicking on the "Training on Demand" button above. 

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Tuesday Monthly Connect Zoom Training

WHEN: 6:00pm CT the 1st Tuesday of the Month

WHERE: Zoom Link: Meeting ID: 874 3485 6735

DURATION: 60 min

The 1st Tuesday of the Month join us on Zoom at 6:00pm CT for..


  • Some Connection time with your Sisters

  • Recognition from the month before

  • Learn about New Promotions & Product Launches

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Tip Tuesday Training

WHEN: 1:00pm CT

WHERE: James Area Rockstar Facebook Group

DURATION: 30 min

Join us on Tuesdays LIVE at 1:00pm CT in the James Area Rockstar Facebook Group!  Each Tuesday you will learn from a different Director in our National Family or a special Guest Trainer for 30 min! Schedule this training in each week and set a reminder in your phone so that you don't miss it!

Tip Tuesday Schedule.jpg

tutorial Tuesday Training

WHEN: 8:00pm CT

WHERE: Beautification.TV Facebook Group

DURATION: 30 min

Join us on Tuesdays LIVE at 8:00pm CT in the Beautification.TV Facebook Group! Every Tuesday one of our Connect Directors will go LIVE for 30 min for a Beautification episode teaching YOU and your guests different Beauty Hacks & Tutorials using our Products. Maximize this training by inviting guests to watch too! They can watch with you or from their own home. BOTH You & Your Guests will be entered in the LIVE Giveaway at the end of the 30 min. You do NOT have to have guests watching for you to attend, but YOU have to watch yourself in order to count for the Weekly Giveaway & Attend 10 Prizes. Each guest who attends the Tutorial Tuesday episode with you will get you and additional entry into the Weekly Giveaway!

Add your friends, family & clients to the Beautification.TV Facebook Group to learn more about our products, company and opportunity. 

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Breakthrough Rally Training

WHEN: 10:00am CT

WHERE: James Area Rockstar Facebook Group  or on Zoom if you are a Red Jacket or above

DURATION: 60 min

One Saturday a month our National will hold a Zoom for Red Jackets on up to attend. The training will be live-streamed into the James Area Rockstar Facebook Group for everyone to watch, but the Reds on up will get to be featured on the zoom and will have additional exclusive time with Stacy and whoever the guest trainer is.